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International investment agreements (AI) are divided into two types: (1) bilateral investment agreements and (2) investment contracts. A bilateral investment agreement (ILO) is an agreement between two countries to promote and protect investments made by investors from the countries concerned in the territory of the other country. The vast majority of IDu are bits. The category of contracts with investment rules (TIPs) includes different types of investment contracts that are not BITs. There are three main types of TIPs: 1) global economic contracts that contain commitments that are often included in ILOs (. B, for example, a free trade agreement with an investment chapter); 2. contracts with limited investment provisions (for example. B, investment creation or free transfer of investment-related funds; and 3) contracts that contain only «framework clauses,» such as. B on investment cooperation and/or a mandate for future investment negotiations. In addition to IDAMIT, there is also an open category of investment-related instruments (IRIs). It includes various binding and non-binding instruments, such as model agreements and draft instruments, multilateral conventions on dispute settlement and arbitration rules, documents adopted by international organisations and others.

The Myanmar government is on the verge of increasingly international agreements and investment agreements. To date, it has signed bilateral investment protection agreements with China, India, Kuwait, Laos, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. Myanmar is part of the ASEAN Free Trade Area. As a member of ASEAN, Myanmar participates in a wide range of multilateral trade agreements, with agreements and initiatives. These include the ASEAN-Australia-New Zealand Free Trade Area, which aims to liberalise and facilitate trade in goods and services in order to improve the trading environment and promote cooperation between Member States; and the framework of the EU-ASEAN cooperation agreement. ASEAN is currently negotiating various forms of free trade agreements with China, Japan, India and the Republic of Korea. It is expected to begin negotiations with the Hong Kong government in 2013. The IIA browser is constantly adapted by reviewing and commenting from UN member states. It is based mainly on information provided by governments on a voluntary basis. A contract is entered into a country`s IGE census after its formal conclusion; Contracts that have been negotiated but have not been signed are not counted. A contract is excluded from the IGE census as soon as its termination comes into force, whether or not it may continue to have legal effects on certain investments during its «survival» period («sunset»).

If the contract is replaced, only one of the contracts between the same parties is accounted for.

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