Canada China Consular Agreement

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5. A consular official has the right to receive payments made under the Worker`s Compensation Act under the Worker`s Compensation Act to which the national is entitled following the death of another person, including in the shares of an estate, to a national of the home state who does not have permanent residence in the host state. , pension benefits and social benefits in general and insurance income, unless the court, agency or the person issuing the distribution indicates that the transmission is carried out by other means. The court, agency or person who distributes, may require a consular officer to impose conditions on: Former Canadian diplomat in Hong Kong, Colin Robertson said in an email that Raes` harsh words could have an effect in China to allow him to visit virtual consular visits last Friday and Saturday. Consular authentication is intended to ensure that notarized deeds issued in one country can be recognized by the competent authorities of another country and that the acts can have the required legal value, which is not affected by doubts as to the authenticity of the seal or the signature of the acts. The Chinese Embassy and Consulate General in Canada may authenticate notarial deeds and other documents issued by the relevant Canadian authorities for their use in China. Documents or documents must be authenticated by the authentication office of the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs or the province concerned (territory) before being submitted to the Chinese Embassy or Consulate General. Have they decided to reach an agreement to that end, and 2. When the competent local authorities of the host state are informed of the estate of a deceased person, regardless of his nationality, having left an estate in the host state to which a national of the State of origin residing outside the host state may have an interest in accordance with the will of the deceased or the law of the host state, they immediately disclose a consular post of the State of Sending. 3.

A consular official has the right to obtain the certificates and documents of a national of the State of origin or to place him in temporary detention, unless this is incompatible with the law of the host state.

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