Covid Rent Reduction Agreement Template

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It may be an intimidating step, but it is important not to delay it — paying the rent is a breach of the lease. Rent reductions can be deferred to the date the application is made. If you still can`t reach an agreement after mediation, your dispute will be sent to the Chief Dispute Resolution Officer who will decide: the «Dear Owner of Justice Connect» tool can help you if you`re having trouble paying covid-19 rent. Answer a few questions and Dear Landlord will help you find the best way to do it, whether it`s developing a rent reduction letter to your landlord, contacting Victoria`s consumer affairs to negotiate a rent reduction, mediation advice, attending VCAT or terminating a lease. The process of the rent reduction agreement is fair and accessible, but tenants and landlords can still choose to get help to reach an agreement. Contact Consumer Affairs Victoria for information and advice, or receive support for services such as one: If you need additional assistance to contact your landlord via a rent reduction, you can contact Consumer Affairs Victoria or support services such as: There is no predetermined amount needed for tenants to pay. A reduction in rent must be appropriate in the circumstances. If you don`t have a model for the contracts, you can use our temporary lease (Word, 28KB). If the tenant and landlord agree, a rental agreement can be renewed. This applies to agreements reached either privately or through dispute resolution services. An extended agreement can be used as evidence to support access to government assistance, such as a rent relief subsidy for tenants or for possible mortgage payment deferrals for landlords.

Landlords can either accept a tenant`s reduced tenancy application or negotiate a reasonable alternative with the tenant. Owners may face personal and financial problems due to the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). Landlords should be aware of a rent reduction they can afford if they are considering any help: if you can afford to pay your rent, you should pay it.

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