Google Account Agreement

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8.2 You should be aware that content that is presented to you as part of the services, including, but not limited to, service advertising and sponsored content within the services, may be protected by intellectual property rights that are the property of sponsors or advertisers who provide that content to Google (or other persons or companies on their behalf). You cannot modify, rent, rent, lend, sell, distribute or create derivative works based on this content (in whole or in part), unless you have been expressly informed that you can do so by Google or the owners of this content in a separate agreement. 16.1 Google`s policy is to respond to communications on allegations of copyright infringement that comply with applicable international intellectual property law (including the U.S. Digital Millennium Copyright Act) and to terminate the accounts of repeat offenders. For more information on Google`s policies, see «Additional products» are products, services and applications that are not part of the services, but can be accessed for use through the administration console or other means. Additional products do not include core services for g Suite, which are offered under a separate agreement. This agreement does not regulate the use of additional products by the customer or its end-users. «service-specific conditions,» the specific conditions of one or more services at Apart from the rights and responsibilities described in this section (in the event of a problem or disagreement), Google is not responsible for any other losses, unless they are caused by our violation of these conditions or by additional service-specific conditions.

8.3 Google reserves the right (but is not obligated) to verify, verify, identify, filter, modify, refuse or delete the content of a service. For some of these services, Google can provide tools to filter explicit sexual content. These tools contain SafeSearch settings (see In addition, there are commercial services and software to restrict access to material that you might find offensive. 1.3 In addition to the terms and conditions of sale, your agreement with Google includes the terms of all legal mentions applicable to the Services. All of these conditions are called «Additional Conditions» below. If additional conditions apply to a service, you can read them inside or through your use of that service. 9.3 If you have obtained the explicit right to use these brand functions in a separate written agreement with Google, you agree that your use of these features is consistent with this Agreement, all applicable Terms provisions, and Google`s Occasionally Updated Brand Features Policies. These policies can be viewed online at address (or any other URLs that Google may provide for this purpose from time to time). «Brand Guidelines» refers to Google`s policies for the use of Google brand functions by third parties under: Play Console – Google Play Console, . «Google» () «Eligible Use Policies» refers to the acceptable usage policy for services available under or any other URLs that may be provided by Google.

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