Tianjin Agreement

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While the British and French used military power to convince China to accept the new agreements, American diplomat John Ward tried in 1859 to exchange contract ratifications and achieve it through diplomatic negotiations. In accordance with the most favoured nation clause, the ratification of the United States allowed the other powers to use the contractual provisions of the Tianjin Treaty, guaranteed by American diplomacy. 27 Giacomo De Antonellis, «L`Italia in Cina nel secolo XX,» Mondo Cinese, No. 19, July-September 1977, 52. Quoted in an online source, «Nine Concessions in Tianjin,» www.wayabroad.com/tianjin/text/text23.htm (available April 21, 2006). I hope that the diplomatic agreement we have just signed will have more effect than simply putting an end to our past differences and, I hope, quickly dismissing them from our memory. By creating new links between France and China, by creating new markets for the commercial activity of all nations, the Treaty of 9 June will undoubtedly help to anchor and develop between the Chinese empire and the foreign world the community of interest that has always most effectively cemented friendships between peoples. If, in this regard, the imperial government expresses the same sentiments as the Government of the Republic, this treaty will bring real and lasting benefits to all. At the end of the 14th five-year plan, which will begin in 2021, Tianjin Nangang will also have ethylene-propylene facilities, polyurethane and lubricant facilities, energy battery production facilities and the use of alternative and clean energy sources such as natural gas, REPORT PROCESS in China. The group`s investments to date in Tianjin are doubled by Sinopec`s framework agreement. There are also question marks for the industry on the site, including the rapid aging population in Tianjin. Tianjin is only half an hour`s fast train from central Beijing, which also affects wages. Import and export trade is permitted for French or French traders, as well as for Chinese traders at the land border between China and Tonkin.

However, it must be done at specific points at a later date, and the selection and number will correspond to the direction of the flow and the importance of traffic in both countries. The rules in force within the Chinese empire are taken into account in this regard.

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