Peace Agreement Kosovo

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In accordance with the signed agreements, Serbia will suspend its official and unofficial efforts for a period of one year and will encourage other states not to recognize Kosovo or to revoke existing recognition. In return, Kosovo will not apply for re-accession to international organizations for the same period. There are also promises to find and identify the remains of those who disappeared from the Kosovo conflict in 1998-99 and to rehabilitate refugees from that conflict and after the end of the war. [11] [12] On October 4, 2019, Donald Trump appointed Richard Grenell as the President`s special envoy for the peace negotiations between Serbia and Kosovo. [3] After months of diplomatic talks on 20 January 2020, Grenell facilitated negotiations between Serbia and Kosovo, during which the two nations agreed to re-establish flights between their capitals for the first time in more than two decades. [4] On 27 June 2020, a peace summit was agreed between the two sides in Washington D.C. but cancelled due to the possible charge against Hashim Thai for war crimes. [6] The agreements therefore remain virtually without an enforcement mechanism, former Serbian Ambassador to Unerschenko Pavle Jevremovic told AFP. But those familiar with decades of conflict in the Balkans have a different view of agreements that they say are meagre, non-binding and already showing signs of dissolution. The agreements also contain provisions in which Serbia and Kosovo refer to Hezbollah as a terrorist organization and support the decriminalization of homosexuality worldwide. [11] But after the signing, it took only a few days for both sides to begin interpreting different commitments, which raised doubts about the importance of the agreement – and whether there will be some weight if Trump is removed from office in november`s presidential election.

While Washington announced victory, it has not yet declared peace: the bombardment continues until the victors discover that their interpretation of the Kosovo agreement has been imposed. From the beginning, bombing was a matter of cosmic importance, a test of a new humanism in which «enlightened states» (foreign affairs) usher in a new era in human history, guided by «a new internationalism where the brutal repression of entire ethnic groups is no longer tolerated» (Tony Blair). The enlightened states are the United States and their British partner, perhaps others who are committed to justice in their crusades. The second peace plan was presented on 23 March in resolutions of the Serbian National Assembly. The Assembly rejected NATO`s request for military occupation and called on the OSCE (Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe) and the United Nations to allow a peaceful diplomatic solution. He condemned the withdrawal of the OSCE-Kosovo verification mission, ordered by the United States on 19 March as part of the preparations for the 24 March bombing. The resolutions called for negotiations that «result in a political agreement on broad autonomy for Kosovo and Metohija [the province`s official name], guaranteeing full equality for all citizens and ethnic communities and respecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Republic of Serbia and the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.» Although «the Serbian parliament does not accept the presence of foreign military personnel in Kosovo and Metohija», the Serbian parliament is ready to review the size and character of the international presence in Kosmet (Kosovo-Metohija) for the implementation of the agreement reached, once it has signed the political autonomy agreement agreed and accepted by representatives of all Kosovo`s national communities in Kosovo and Metohija.

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